Who is Green Minded?


We recognise today that no entity – town, institution or company – can thrive without taking care of the people within in it and its environment.

By taking care of its citizens, staff or other stakeholders, the organisation enables them to increase their motivation, efficiency and creativity.

By taking care of its environment, it ensures the sustainability of its resources and thus its longevity.

A balanced and respectful approach


Green Minded is a sustainable development consulting, training and communication agency, founded by Valerie Hill in January 2011.

We believe that the longevity and healthy functioning of a town or organisation depends on its general state of health, its well-being and its readiness to take care of its environment.

That is why Green Minded offers a range of services to:

– Advise an organisation on a sustainable approach, such as an Agenda 21
– Provide trainings that improve emotional intelligence at work
– Communicate your sustainable projects to increase their impact








“Sustainable development is intimately related to personal and organisational longevity and is founded on the ability to respond appropriately to both dangers and opportunities that arise, in many cases unexpectedly or spontaneously, as a person, group or organisation moves into the future.”

Robert Dilts, “Leadership and Sustainable Development”