Developing emotional intelligence

One hardly dares speak of emotions in the workplace.

And yet, a worker's way of operating – and therefore that of his team – depends greatly on his or her emotional intelligence, that is the art of managing and expressing emotions appropriately.

To thrive, develop your human capital


A person with a high IQ but low emotional intelligence will communicate inadequately with his colleagues, find it hard to connect with them and hinder the team's functioning. The quality of the work will suffer and deadlines not be met.

Green Minded offers a series of workshops and short training courses that aim at improving your employees' emotional intelligence and soft skills:

– Stress reduction
– Conflict prevention
– The art of presenting








“Google now believes, based on scientific research, that success and stellar performance are twice as influenced by emotional competency as intellectual competency.”

Chade-Meng Tan, Head of Personal Growth at Google