Workplace dynamics

Workplace dynamics is a complex mix involving organizational, team and personal relationships.

Dysfunctional personal relationships, which often develop over a long period of time, are painful for the people involved, undermine the healthy functioning of a service and sap colleagues' morale.

Green Minded organises workplace dynamics workshops that provide your employees with the tools to preserve constructive working relationships and create a healthy working environment.

Establishing a climate of personal responsibility

Conflicts and dysfunctional relationships between colleagues poison the atmosphere in the workplace. The people affected focus their attention on the conflict, using up their energy in aggressive and self-defensive actions.

The result? Your workers' motivation is undermined, which reduces the efficiency and quality of the work and hinders cooperation within a team.

Green Minded organises workshops that give employees the tools to both manage these situations before they deteriorate and tone down existing conflicts.




Suggested workplace dynamics workshop format:

– Duration: 2 hours

– Number of participants: 8 to 10, or by department

– Number of workshops recommended: three


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