Stakeholders' approach


Who are the groups or individuals likely to affect or be affected by the activities of your organisation (employees, customers, suppliers, prescribers, etc.)?

Knowing their expectations towards your organisation reduces the risks you run.


Do you know who affects or is affected by your activities?


In a stakeholder's approach, you:
– Map all your stakeholders
– Examine your relationships with each group
– Identify the potential risk associated with each group
– Make an inventory of and manage each group's expectations

Green Minded advises you during this process. It will enable you to establish a regular and visible dialogue with your stakeholders, which reinforces your risk management.

A stakeholders' approach is often met with initial scepticism; however, if you persist in this dialogue and your organisation fulfils its commitments, it generates interest, satisfaction and a better understanding on both sides.




Stakeholders are the groups or people (clients, consumers, the media, NGOs, etc.) that affect or are affected by your organisation's activities.