Participatory approach


Do you believe in the importance of a sustainable approach? How can it truly take root in your organisation?

By enabling your employees, citizens or any other stakeholder to take part, you will encourage their adherence to the process, and thus its durability.

In a participatory approach, the diversity of points of view and the hot spot of ideas generated greatly enrich the process.

To take part is to get involved


Be it in a commune, institution or company, the participation of people affected by the changes encourages their adherence. Your citizens, workers, etc. will bring different points of view and are invaluable sources of knowledge and suggestions.

By taking part in the development of their town or organisation, people feel involved, valued and motivated. Their commitment also reinforces their sense of belonging.

Thus, a participatory approach strongly anchors change within the organisation.

Green Minded defines with you the themes, goals and framework, then organises the participatory approach. During workshops, the groups discuss project ideas, and the most promising ones are integrated in an action plan designed to meet your goals.