Agenda 21


What is an Agenda 21 and what use would it be for your town or institution?

An Agenda 21 is an action plan to apply sustainable development on a local scale. It gives an overview of your activities and fits in the existing political and organisational structures.


A dynamic and formative process

An Agenda 21 does not boil down to just another project; on the contrary, it helps to articulate many of the town's or institution's activities, promotes transversal collaboration and synergies, and highlights administration work that is often led behind the scenes.

It also promotes associations' and citizens' participation. This in turn improves dialogue and builds trust between political authorities and administration on the one hand, and citizens on the other.

Of course, an Agenda 21 never starts from scratch. It is always built on the foundation of existing best practices, giving them increased visibility.

Green Minded guides you on the implementation of an Agenda 21 in your town or organisation with professionalism and diplomacy.

An Agenda 21's stages:

– Inventory and assessment of activities
– Participative approach
– Action plan
– Goal measurement and actions adjustment






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