Sustainable communication


Is it really necessary to communicate what you do?

In the area of sustainable development, yes! Communication is the process's binder. It enables you to explain the approach, share results, and encourage people to participate and change their behaviour.


Communication: the glue that binds
your projects

In a sustainable strategy, communication is the web that ensures coherence and articulates the different parts. It helps to:

– Make your best practices known
– Inform of the progress of your sustainable projects
– Encourage your citizens or staff to take part
– Encourage them to adapt their behaviour
– Reinforce their feeling of belonging to your town or organisation
– Increase the value and appeal of your offer

Green Minded advises you on communicating your projects consistently, efficiently and transparently, therefore increasing their credibility and scope.





10 rules for communicating sustainable development

1 Big picture
Make connections, demonstrate long-term thinking, blow myths

2 Technically correct
Be trustworthy, provide transparency, give real facts

3 Be cool
Be sexy, mainstream, non-patronising, brave – stand out!

4 Belong
Join a massive worldwide change, start positive conformity, join a success

5 Only stories work
Empathy and emotions are powerful, use stories to hold people’s attention

6 Optimism
Sustainable development is achievable, avoid too much guilt

7 Glory button
“Sustainable development makes you a great person and we love you for it”

8 Change is for all
Break stereotypes, use inclusive language and images, push mass ownership

9 We need more heroes
Introduce icons to emulate – “be like me”

10 Personal circle
Relate big ideas to everyday life, give them a familiar context

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